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I’m Michael, freelance web designer and project manager. But between us, I also know a thing or two about SEO and digital marketing.

In the beginning

My story begins 15 years ago when I first discovered a HTML book. Quickly mesmerized by the possibility of creating a website with my own style, I’ve started working on a site with all the dog breeds I liked. The truth is out now, I am a dog lover, but I also have 1 cat.

Soon I started working with a high school buddy and we began creating more and more complex websites in our free time. After 1 year the first client arrived. You can imagine the level of enthusiasm in 2 young boys when they got their first gig.

Time flies when you like what you do

Fast forwarding 14 years and here I am, starting my blog.

As you would imagine, in this time I have worked on a lot of projects as a one-man team for smaller projects or in collaboration with devs, seo experts, designers and marketers for the big ones.

I consider myself lucky because I’ve learned from people that have a heavy name in their fields. Acquiring knowledge of such quality has opened my mind in a certain way. Permanently wanting to improve my self, to create better and better results has had a very positive impact on my professional personality.

I don’t believe I am on of the bests in web design, project management or anything else. But I do believe that my experience can help others.

I believe my experience can help others freelancers and web designers

Working with many freelancers, my advice was often required.

I have a new client with a gym. What are the best looking WordPress themes?

But how about a good booking plugin ?

Because I have worked extensively on WordPress for my web design projects, I think I have a pretty good knowledge about the themes, plugins and builders out there.

Which WordPress theme looks better, which builder has a steep learning curve and so on.

The same scenario applies to Joomla themes, OpenCart themes, Project Management Apps, Hosting Providers, SEO strategies and other useful apps I’ve worked with.

And this is how I decided to create this website.

Make the information available for everyone that’s interested.

Every bit of knowledge on this website is offered for free and forever will be. The expenses of the website’s maintenance are covered by the various types of advertising used on this website.

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